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Spend Analysis

Spend Analysis with IAVENIR is your vision to precision integrated
Spend Data Solutions Loaded with Actionable Insights For
Intelligent Business Decision

Spend Analysis

While enterprises are able to recognize the benefits of utilizing spend analysis technology, they have not yet covered the gap to action. Most of the organizations currently rely on manual tools to collect and analyze spend data, resulting in limited spend visibility and the inability to improve cost savings.

Spend Analysis enhances visibility in the procurement data, allowing you to identify spend by assets, services, products, and suppliers. Moreover, it implements a dynamic ranking system that maintains a detailed picture of the worthiest suppliers of your business. With IAVENIR’s Spend Analysis solution you obtain more insight that helps you better leverage your purchasing decisions, decrease costs while strategically improving the relationships with the suppliers.

Spend Analysis and the visibility it provides is the necessary foundation for procurement organizations seeking to make better sourcing decisions.

Get in depth visibility with Simplified Spend Analysis !

Maximum data accuracy with IAVENIR
AI+HI Artificial + human intelligence-based data classification to get maximum accuracy.

Maximum Visibility with IAVENIR

Spend Analytics is a decision support system that guides and empowers procurement specialists to do objective-driven analysis.

Maximum Savings with IAVENIR

identify opportunities and create your “Saving pipeline” track your progress and reach your goals.

Integrated Spend Data Solutions Loaded with Actionable Insights For Intelligent Business Decision

Spend Analysis with Iavenir Is Your Vision to Precision

Spend Analysis provides high-level visibility into the spending, who, on what, how much, and in which sectors, presenting information that opens up new opportunities for both the buyers and suppliers.

With millions of transactions and the number of buyers along with suppliers, Iavenir’s spend analysis service offers a comprehensive overview of the meaningful and company relevant data.

The expert team at Iavenir aggregates classifies and cleanses the spend data from various sources, simplifying the data mining across multiple organizations, areas and sectors all at once.

With a series of key features and in-depth industry analysis companies can tailor the data to suit their business requirements.