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Master Data

Maximize the business value of your enterprise information with a
modular end-to-end solution delivering a unified view of all your master data.

Master Data Management

Reduce IT overhead and expenses and drive operational performances by presenting an absolute, reliable, consistent master data source across your organization

With a business-first master data management solution from Iavenir, we can help you deliver high-quality data that scales to meet enterprise complexity. With Iavenir’s integrated technology solution for MDM, you can incorporate all your data – financial, product, customer, vendor, supplier, and more.

Iavenir's Master Data Management Solutions solve the complicated data management problems over a spectrum of industries - know more about our end-to-end solution for all of your master data needs.

As an organization grows with time, the volume of data it generates and manages further increases and so few uncertainties. By implementing a business-first Master Data Management for your organization, not only there is a centralized repository for your critical master data, but there are also a set of data governance standards that ensure the data is stored is reliable, consistent, and available to all who need it, and whenever they need it.

Iavenir can help you implement a Master Data Management strategy for your organization by services such as,

  • Implementing a data audit to discover the data sources of your company, the storage, and its utilization
  • a data governance model to recognize which MDM platform fits right into your organization
  • Developing infrastructure, methods, and quality towards a single source of the accurate data across the enterprise
  • Improved business intelligence, analytics and reporting
  • Data Cleaning, involving various toolsets for checking duplication, errors and correcting them
  • Continuous evaluation to maintain the data quality as reliable and consistent