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Spend Analysis

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The new way to source better


Traditional sourcing is a typical complicated process, which can be simplified using e-Sourcing, an automated, streamlined, and strategic sourcing process. eSourcing benefits both buyers and suppliers by facilitating the online acquisition of supplier information, bids, and proposals for a speedy and more transparent selection process. But insufficient resources, inadequate expertise, and adamant eSourcing tools can restrict businesses to obtain benefits of eSourcing.

At Iavenir, we understand both the strategic and operational procurement needs. Our ‘iSourcing’ tool is developed to handle quick turnaround RFQs through e-auctioning efficiently and caters from SMBs to large-scale businesses. iSourcing is a comprehensive e-Sourcing solution by Iavenir which enables constant and strategic management of the process by allowing organizations to consolidate spend analysis, sourcing management, and contract management within the company.

iSourcing takes individual sourcing tasks that occur offline to an online central location, which improves an organization’s transparency and streamlines the sourcing process.

iSourcing offers suppliers an efficient tool for collaborating with your organization while enhancing transparency entirely during the tender process

iSourcing offers procurement value for Spend Management and eSourcing solutions

Typical benefits of online sourcing are:

iSourcing collects your organization’s supplier data, helping you easily manage the supplier portfolio

With iSourcing contract management is systematic, there are current project notifications, helps you manage the tenders

All information for suppliers and sources is at a single place, managing them in a joint workspace makes things easy

Companies knowing the market level price from suppliers, can easily save a lot on expenses with an effective spend management

Time to Reimagine Procurement

Quality Spend Analysis

iSourcing’s strong reporting and analysis solutions for spend management that helps you to define future roadmaps for the detailed evaluation of your company purchases

eAuction & eTender

A competitive, transparent and fair environment with iSourcing eAuction & eTender solution that create added value for your organization in the strategic project purchasing


Online procurement handling with iSourcing that helps you to manage your purchase requests, RFQ’s, approvals and delivery stages on an integrated system with your organization’s ERP

Supplier Relationship Management

iSourcing offers Sustainable Supplier Relationship Management. Collect up-to-date supplier information and identify your risks in the supply chain.

Contract Management

Gain more authority over the contract life-cycle with iSourcing that clearly define contract commitments, vulnerabilities, expirations, renewals and revisions, helping you prevent costly errors and risks.

Tender Management

In comparison to the manual equivalents, using eTender through the iSourcing tool saves a lot of the process expenses. Run more tenders while saving a lot on your expenditures.