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No more manual data processing and errors that lead to faulty spend analysis.
iClass by iAvenir gets you trustworthy data for reliable insights

Perfect data quality lays the foundation for successful spend controls.


The present era businesses manage huge volumes of data, with the amount of data maintained, controlled, or utilized by any organizations increasing exponentially in a very short time. Enterprises strive to match the pace of business to the market demands, while continuously leaving no stone unturned to thoroughly manage and preserve their data, further, presenting it more readily available without risking the security.

The lightning speed at which enterprise data is increasing, data classification simply must occur at that pace. Iavenir’s data classification tool, iClass provides a solution to these difficulties and is the underlying element of your entire data security strategy. iClass automatically detects, classifies, and follows sensitive data from the time it is generated, transformed, or forwarded.

Efficient spend analysis is not achievable without accurate data classification.

Unifying different spend data into precisely defined categories presents them easier to address and control across the entire organization. Data classification harmonizes all purchasing transactions to a unique taxonomy allowing clients to gain visibility to the global spending to take better eSourcing decisions. The properly classified data and results presented in intuitive reports and dashboards can be used for envisioning potential savings and opportunities.

Data classification help you reacquire control over the unstructured data. With Iavenir’s iClass, you can define the right approach of data classification for your business, whether it is automatic, user-driven classification or a combination of classification methods so that users receive personalized solutions. Everything is messy and unorganized without data classification.

Unlike the traditional solution for data classification, Iavenir’s iClass solution for data classification is ready to deploy across the entire user base of your business. IClass offers solutions for Data cleansing and classification which provide clarity into where the most sensitive data of your organization is stored, the people who are authorized to access it, the manner it is utilized, the risks associated with it, and the potential ways in which it can be preserved.

The lightning speed at which enterprise data is increasing, data classification simply must occur at that pace. iClass by Iavenir is a comprehensive Data Cleansing, and Management solution, apt to sort, examine and authenticate data instantly and efficiently using an innovative set of norms, secure automation, and effective processing, ensuring your business to engage clients with confidence.

Data Cleansing

Clean and precise business data is crucial for effective sales and marketing strategies. iClass offers data cleansing services which overs error detection and correction from a data set to enhance its quality. It also involves data merging, migration, recreating, de-duplication, standardization, and normalization, checking, enriching & adding missing data.

Data enhancement

With iClass data enhancement solutions, you can transform, improve, and advance the business data quality to enhance your decision-making process. We supplement business data with required additional information, which leads to more appropriate future decision making.

Continuous Inspection

Once set-up, iClass will continuously monitor your data for any modifications, enabling you to secure accurate data from the source and giving you the benefit to trace any changes back to a particular user by employing a thorough audit facility.