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Structured spend analysis process to cleanse and analyze your spend data

Struggling with disparate data from disparate data sources?


It is critical to understand and manage your business spends, as it leverages your corporate buying power and helps you to improve your bottom line. Analyzing how and where the money gets spend in your business is the way to improved sourcing events and fabulous profits.

Presenting the best possible clarity when it is about your Company’s spend analysis is a critical job for any Procurement Department. Spend Analysis gets more complicated when the structure of your Procurement Department is scattered with multiple data sources. Iavenir’s iAnalysis tool for Spend Analysis enables you to consolidate and analyze all of the data spending within your organization, regardless of your business complexities. iAnalysis helps you to automatically and consistently manage the data applicable to orders and invoicing from your various separate entities.

The intuitive and ergonomic interface of iAnalysis lets users generate reports that meet their requirements.

Get the sharpest possible view with iAnalysis on your business spendings

Real-time graphical dashboards with highly precise visual tools that uncover real value and identify scope for improvement

Better & faster decisions with granular visibility of every transaction in real time for customers, suppliers & service providers

With actionable business intelligence, iAnalysis lets you gain insights into spend management and keep a close check on suppliers and spending

In addition to the powerful reports, iAnalysis features customized dashboards & reports with your brand layout

iAvenir iAnalysis Software can help you?

We start by listening to your needs.

iAnalysis by Iavenir for Spend Analysis enhances the vital decision making based on reliable and actionable spend data collected across your entire organization, and will benefit you with