Spend Analysis with Ease

When all goods and services purchased are classified in a shared nomenclature, it is possible to build dashboards that provide a new vision Transverse all purchases of a group.

This tool allows visions of purchasing data consolidated and prioritized, it from different angles.

This is an example of what cover an IANALYSIS solution.

  • The off-contract spending
  • Expenses beyond Preferred Provider
  • Analysis of bounds (maxima in the costs of goods that may indicate fraud or embezzlement)
  • The price differential (objects with a price difference of over 10%)
  • The consolidation of bases suppliers (too many suppliers for one type of goods)
  • The risk control provider (too few suppliers for any type of property)
  • The supplier / buyer (too many suppliers per buyer, or multiple buyers for a single supplier)
  • The trend of prices versus inflation (prices rising faster than inflation on certain items)
  • The stability of suppliers (D & B score down for example)
  • The quality of the supplier (delivery time, return products, replenishments, etc.).
  • Piloting of the supplier relationship (How much is spent on them? What percentage of their turnover that is there?
  • How long do we work with them? Are they financially stable?)

iAnalysis: is a professional reporting tool.

  • More than 40 preconfigured reports
  • Export data to Excel.
  • Web 2.0 Technology User Friendly Zero training
  • A collaborative tool! Share your Spend reports with your team.
  • Easy deployment SAAS application .